Prague Fall Season

We invite the broader EA/Rationality community to spend this fall in Prague. There will be a lot to do:

Coworking @ Fixed Point

We have a new coworking office space Fixed Point for up to 50 people located at Koperníkova 6 (map). We welcome both short and long visits by people working on important projects. Because of our limited capacity, we ask potential visitors to apply ahead of time.

It has a good number of small office spaces (each office for 1-8 people), many common areas for eating meals or hanging out, multiple meeting rooms, a large common space for events, a garden, and of course, a tea room. It is also right by Grébovka, one of Prague’s popular parks.

Opening hours:

    • Mon-Sat 9:00 – 22:00
      • (ring the doorbell and the front desk will let you in)
If you would like to make a reservation for a private room, please consult this calendar and let a PFS staff member review your request.

Short term visits

If you want to apply for a desk or want to visit FIXED POINT for up to two weeks please Apply here.


We are hosting the Prague Epistea Autumn Residency program in Prague during the season

As part of the residency, we will provide:

  • A stipend
  • Reimbursement for travel, accommodation and other relocation expenses
  • A desk in our new coworking office space (more details to be announced soon!)
  • Access to local organizations and people in EA-sphere
  • An opportunity to participate in the programs and events we will be organizing in the fall (such as CFAR workshops)
  • A retreat nearby Prague with other participants of the residency program

We think that the residency is a great fit for you if you:

  • Are working remotely on a project and are looking for a change of scenery and pace from your current place.
  • Are looking to start a new project or make a big decision and need inspiration/stimulus.
  • Want to spend an extended period of time this fall with other like-minded people, concentrated in one area, building momentum together.

The residency is for up to three months between September and November 2022.

Applications for residency ended in august 2022. please consider a short-term visit.


Other events on the continent:

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Why seasons?

The main benefit of doing a season is having a dedicated limited time to create an increased density of people in one place. This creates more opportunities for people to collaborate, co-create and cowork on important projects in a new location – different from their usual space. This happens to some extent naturally around major EA conferences in London or San Francisco – many people are there at the same time which creates opportunities for additional events and collaborations. However, the timeframe is quite short and it is not clearly communicated that there are benefits in staying in the area longer and there is not a lot of infrastructure in place to support that.

A dedicated season improves coordination and creates incentives for people to concentrate at a particular place in the world for a limited period of time allowing to both get the benefits of being in a hub, and the flexibility of living where people prefer. Hopefully, more places also have their seasons at various times of the year that make it easier to coordinate and decide where people spend their time – for example, we believe a couple of months in the Bay (possibly in winter) could become one of the seasons. Especially as people’s baselines of their environment vary and so it is useful to have options for working all over the world in various cities and cultures with different vibes and aesthetics. As a side-effect, seasons could lead to reduced amount of air travel, time lost to jetlag, and similar costs to the core members of the community which currently travel a lot.

Why Prague?

The events happening in Prague this autumn provide a Schelling point.

Prague is a second-tier EA Hub, smaller than London or the Bay area, but comparable or larger than probably any other city in continental Europe. Prague has a thriving local EA community, a newly established alignment research group, ~20 fulltime people working in/with high-impact organizations (eg Metaculus, ESPR, ALLFED, CFAR), and about a hundred people in the broader EA and rationalist communities. We aim for the Season to bring in on average additional 30-60 people staying for longer, and a few hundreds of shorter-time visitors, who will participate in some event and stay for few days before or after.

Join our team

We are have job openings for these positions for this season:

You can apply apply here!

Jobs in Prague

There are many (~13) job openings in the Prague EA ecosystem. You can find their description here.

You can  Apply here!

Our Team

We are mostly the team the brought you the memorable EAGxPrague conference. We loved the energy and the momentum at the conference and thought it was a shame that everyone was in town just for a weekend. So we decided to turn a weekend into 12 weeks and have everyone come back to experience why we chose to live and work here out of all the possible places in the world.

Our Team:


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