Executive Assistant for Irena Kotíková

About me

I live in Prague and chose to work on projects that I find both fun and important. This means my workload varies a lot and is a bit unpredictable. My background is in Physics but I never did research. I ended up working in business, education, nonprofits and the government before settling in a project-based work style. If you are interested in what I actually worked on over the years, have a look here.

Aside from work, I love to dance, lift heavy things, go on walks and hikes, bake and watch good TV shows. 

About my work

I have many different jobs and responsibilities that I can no longer do well, unless I find someone who can help me with them. I’m looking for a my left-hand person (small bonus points for also being a leftie), someone who I can rely on to do the tasks better than I can. 

I’m mainly a Project Manager/Event Organizer/Producer. This means that I organize a lot – a lot of things need to happen fast, everything is often up in the air and it is important to keep track of all the balls, deadlines, people etc. I also have reasons to believe that I’m really good at my job – I’m able to notice things others won’t, tweak things last minute to make them excellent instead of just good, and insist on small details that end up making the difference.

Examples of some of my recent work that I’m especially proud of:

  • EAGxPrague Conference – I was the lead organizer for the conference, designing the overall participant experience. Based on the feedback we received the conference was very successful and stood out in contrast with other similar events.
  • MeSES – I helped bootstrap and coordinate the Czech government scientific advisory board for COVID-19. I facilitated meetings, coordinated communication, drafted recommendations, and liaisoned with the media and with government representatives.
  • Discover Summer Academy – I co-lead one of the sessions for 70 high school students, coordinating 18 staff. We tested a new model of the program, which was largely my vision and the sessions ended up receiving outstanding feedback.

This year I’m working on the following projects. If we work together you will most likely be involved in some capacity in all of them:

  • Setting up a new permanent venue for events nearby Prague (to be announced soon!) I will be leading this project which will require us to transform that space to our needs, work with local staff, with an architect/designer, and also set up systems and processes for how events are going to be run there.
  • Prague Fall Season – I’m coordinating this umbrella project for all activities happening in Prague this fall. This means coordinating a large team of people working on the various projects and events. I will also be leading the process of furnishing and optimizing our new office space.
  • Prague CFAR Workshops Series – I’m co-leading this project which means a lot of coordination and communication with staff, participants, and contractors. 
  • My hands are already very full but there may be other projects that I will end up working on as well – it’s a bit hard for me to predict this. I get attracted to fun things easily!

I generally work well under pressure but sometimes I have a bit of an off period when it’s hard for me to produce good outcomes. It can last anywhere between 1-20 days and it seems that I’m getting better at managing it. I also have ADHD (diagnosed as a child but never medicated) – as far as I understand it is the source of most of my creativity and drive but it also makes it hard for me to focus sometimes, or do things I don’t want to do. 

About you

I’m looking for someone who is:

  • Experienced in the areas of my work (project coordinating, event organizing, producing).
  • A creative problem-solver. You love puzzles and hard problems that require creative out-of-the-box thinking. 
  • Independent, so they can figure things out without me. 
  • Reliable – when I ask you to do something I need to know that it will be taken care of.
  • Ready to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • An excellent communicator, particularly in English. You can write in English with a lot of nuance and precision. You are able to pick up on my communication style and write in my voice.
  • Technically skilled – you not only can work with many software tools but can quickly learn new ones. 
  • Excited about possibly helping me with these projects.  You would find it fun and interesting to make things happen.
  • Very flexible and willing to take on various tasks as needed.
  • Going to understand how I work and willing to adapt their style to work well with me.
  • Eager to learn and want to excel at want they do. 

Please do apply even if you don’t check all these boxes! 

About your work

As I mentioned earlier, my work varies a lot but I tried to pay attention to what are the things that I would need help with recently. Here is an example task list I would need help with this week:

  • Create a basic WordPress website (or find a contractor who can do it for you) for a new project, optimize it for mobile, make sure it is factually correct, check for typos, and that all links work
  • Merge multiple spreadsheets with similar data into one spreadsheet that I can easily navigate and pull data from
  • Draft emails sending more information to staff regarding an event
  • Create a sign-up form for applicants for an event 
  • Brainstorm with me project names for a new venue
  • Set up social media accounts for a new project (Twitter and Instagram)
  • Sort out the first round of job applications for roles I’m hiring for, prepare a brief with top candidates
  • Draft communication to select applicants regarding a trial task and interviews
  • Set up a new Slack workspace for a new event
  • Draft a job description for a new role I’m hiring for (well, it’s this one, so you can’t technically do that yet… but for the next one hopefully!)

Again, this is a list from this week, it will likely be quite different next week but this is to demonstrate the types of tasks. They are not solely administrative – I need you to understand the program/event/project to be able to help me with it and model well my preferences and tastes. Especially early on, I expect to review all of these tasks and give you feedback, later on, I would like for you to work more independently when I don’t actually need to see the work before it gets shared.

As an Executive Assistant, you will be mainly involved in the content and project work – this requires some administrative tasks but I will NOT ask you to do my laundry or book my travel. 

Why work with me?

I think you’d like to work with me if you find my projects and my taste fun and interesting. In the process, you’ll get to see how I operate, make decisions and create new things. I will give you feedback and teach you so you can get better in the future. 

My leadership style is very community-based and personal. I like to have a close-knit group of collaborators with whom I gradually build trust over the years. I’m loyal and I expect loyalty in return. I generally have a very positive and constructive attitude. I will not yell at you for making a mistake, rather we will work together to see how to mitigate it and decrease the chances of it happening again. 

Compensation and other info

I’m looking for someone who can work physically from Prague, Czech Republic (can offer relocation reimbursement and possibly a visa sponsorship, depending on your citizenship). Ideally, you’d stay with me for the long run – not necessarily in this role, but after working with me directly for 6-12 months, there are likely going to be opportunities for you to move into another role within my team and coordinate new projects yourself. However, I’m also open to a more short-term arrangement, ~until the end of 2022.

In this role, you can work between 0.5 and 1 FTE. I can offer a full-time monthly salary in the range of $2-4,000 (pre-tax) depending on experience and your location (prorated for part-time). You would be working mainly out our coworking space in Prague and the new event space near Prague. Some travel between these two is to be expected, especially in 2022. They are about 2 hours away (door-to-door). 

I have references that you can chat with about what it’s like to work with me. Once we get further into the hiring process, you will be able to talk to some of my closest collaborators over the years to get a better sense if we’d be a good fit.
Apply here! I will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis but I am looking to hire someone to start in September of 2022. I’d be willing to wait a little longer for an exceptional candidate. I would also be open to you working part-time/remotely first if you have commitments that you need to wrap up.


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